Six on Saturday

The time has arrived for another Six, generously hosted by the Propagator:

1. Wild flowers photographed during a recent hike along the Rogue River.

2. Planting under fruit trees? Have you planted vegetables under your fruit trees? What works well? My fruit trees are currently very small and cast no meaningful shade. The space between them feels squandered, and I have been reading about the possibility of planting potatoes, yams, or squashes beneath each tree.

3. Evening primrose grown from seed last year appears to be coming into its own.

4. Euphorbias in bloom.

5. Greenhouse disaster. My little greenhouse (retrieved from a streetside free pile) was leaning dangerously, but I paid no heed. Then, horror of horrors, it predictably toppled over and spilled its precious, lovingly nurtured contents willy-nilly all over the ground. Some were salvagable, some not. Now finding a place for everything in the garden has become a matter of some urgency.

6. Trumpet vine transplants. Dug up a few roots from the back area last fall in hopes of establishing a trumpet vine across the front of our house, which I felt would complement the exotic plantings that dominate this area. After reading about others’ struggles to eradicate this vine, my delight in the success of my transplants is diminished just a little. But I am delighted nevertheless.


14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. I love euphorbias, and here we have 2 varieties … with buggles in bloom as bonus on the left if I’m not mistaken …It’s true that it is very difficult to get rid of a trumpet vine that’s why I don’t have one at home but the flowers are very pretty, the butterflies and bees love them.

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  2. What lovely wild flowers you have growing in the area, dog’s tooth violet, not sure what the others are – perhaps an aquilegia in photo 3? So sorry to hear about your greenhouse disaster, it happened to me once and I remember feeling devastated. Now (the plastic) greenhouses are tied to the walls so they’re not going anywhere. Trumpet vine transplants: gulp. They make beautiful plants if only they behaved themselves – it’s ok if you can mow around them to remove the suckers but that wasn’t an option in my case.

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  3. That is just the sort of thing that I do – know something is looking dodgy but not do anything about it until it is too late, hope the greenhouse contents recover from the shock! The only thing I would say about growing underneath fruit trees is that they will be in competition with each other for water, nutrients and light, especially when the trees are young (trees coming off worse) or old (under planted coming off worse). But if you can find a happy medium then it would be a good herbaceaous mulch. I wonder what you will do? Lovely to see wildflowers in different parts of the world. Enjoy your week. šŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for advising regarding the fruit trees. Yes, a green mulch might be the best solution. I have also been considering barrells planted with root vegetables, as my raised beds are rather shallow. That would presumably address the problem of competition for water and nutrients?


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