Six on Saturday

1. Opuntia propagation. As this cactus appears to be thriving in its rusty planter and I am attempting to contain its branching somewhat in order to minimize the likelihood of uncomfortable collisions, I thought I would remove some pads for propagation. These have now been drying for a little over a week and will soon be ready for planting in various lackluster corners of the garden.

2. Scented geranium. This plant was purchased this year in a fit of nostalgia for the rose-scented geranium that all too briefly graced the window of my college dorm room. Sadly it succumbed to spindliness due to lack of proper light, but the delights of rubbing its tough, hairy leaves and smelling the rose-like but somehow distinct fragrance was not forgotten. I am pleased to announce that, post transplant to a larger pot, this geranium has bloomed. Of course, I am wary of apparent successes with plants I have struggled with in the past. I am hoping to bring this one in to overwinter in the kitchen. Any advice would be appreciated.

3. Mantilija poppy. Growing a bit and blooming! This plant has not disappointed me, except perhaps in its stature, but I am hopeful that another year of getting established will see it towering over its companions. Seed shall be collected.

4. Gaura and friends. This corner of the garden pleases me with its dreamy top heavy grass, feathery fennel, ever more monstrous evening primrose, and profusion of delicate pink gaura blossoms that wave on delicate wands, almost as though suspended in the air.

5. Gallardia.

6. Trumpet vine. Last year, I dug up a couple of volunteer trumpet vines sprouting in the back and placed them in this barrel to overwinter. They have since grown apace and I will soon need a long-term plan for their support if they are to remain in their current situation.


9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. I feel the same way about scented geraniums, we have a couple, some we left in our old garden. They do get spindly but the joy of rubbing a leaf is worth it. Yours looks lovely and bushy! Nice poppy, a beautiful pure flower and the gaura and friends are lovely. Good luck with the opuntia!

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    • Oh, gaura! I love it, and passers-by always stopped and admired mine. Past tense. I left two out of about a gazillion that self-seeded! They were getting huge and harboring snails. Dozens of snails under them when I pulled them out. I am pulling seedlings constantly. I love blanketflower, have several kinds, my newest a dwarf variety. I hope we’re able to water. Here we are under voluntary conservation due to the chlorine shortage. Surprisingly, things did fine last year with the water restrictions due to the fires, then toxic smoke kept me from watering. I guess I water too often!

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  2. I bought a scented geranium a few weeks ago and love the smell of the crushed foliage too. Never seem to able to get them through winter so end up buying new ones each year, shameful! Can’t believe I’m saying this: good luck with your trumpet vine! I’ve been merrily cutting back tons of suckers that I somehow missed when digging up the roots, an episode you might have followed earlier this year. I reckon yours will romp away no matter what.

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