Six on Saturday

Once again, joining the Propagator and gardeners from around the world to take notice of 6 things – good, bad, or ugly – in the garden, regardless of season.

We have had a wet, mild fall so far. Some plants have already gone into what one hopes is hibernation, while others are taking advantage of the added moisture to put on growth.

1. The Melianthus major has grown substantially since summer’s end. The new growth almost glows.

2. This banana colony is also putting on growth, though the leaves show damage from colder temperatures.

3. Bulb fennel and artichokes were transplanted from the rather congested perennial beds to the vegetable garden. I attempted to divide the artichoke, with obviously traumatic results for at least one of the two plants, which actually broke off before it could be planted. As it retained roots where it broke, however, it was duly planted along with its half of the root ball and so far appears to be persevering despite my bungling.

4. Chard and kale continue to produce, having welcomed the cooler weather. Chard has been blighted by leaf miners, but many usable leaves remain to be harvested.

5. Romneya coulteri, which appeared to be done for the year, is now budding. As this plant is native to this region, I teeter between anxiety that it has been misled by the mild autumn temperatures and hope that the ancient wisdom of its kind will see it through.

The below, unlabelled grass was diminished by poor, tree root-filled soil, heat, and drought to a single sprig. Transplanted into a rich potting mix and provided with regular water, it is putting out new growth.

6. I have longed for my very own rue plant for years, but have never found it among the herbs in any of our local nurseries. Some time ago, I harvested seeds off a neighborhood plant, which I scattered in the herb garden without result. Imagine my delight when 3 rue seedlings emerged in a pot of herbs transplanted from the garden. I watch them with a jealous eye and may move at least one into the mini greenhouse over the winter.


6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. I love the wooden barrel in which you grow your banana! And that Melianthus is really a beautiful plant. Regarding the romneya, I’ve (only) got 4 seeds. Are they easy to sprout and grow? Do you have tips for me ? Should I start the germination in late winter indoors or wait for spring ?

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    • Unfortunately, I have no experience as yet sprouting this wonderful plant from seed. I purchased this specimen from a nursery, and while I have gathered seeds around town, I don’t know anything about germinating them successfully. I did try sprinkling a few about in the garden this fall; we’ll see if anything emerges come spring.

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