December Garden

The winter has so far been quite mild and, unfortunately, relatively dry, notwithstanding the current downpour. We have not yet had our first hard frost, and there is still a good deal of green and even the occasional flower luring me outside.

The vegetable garden has been rearranged, with simplified structure and elimination of boundaries with the berry patches and the herb garden. However, much remains to be done, including the creation of an access path and the planting of winter vegetables grown from seed indoors and currently hardening off in the mini greenhouse.

The perennial beds have not been pruned back, so that they may provide food and shelter to overwintering insects. Straw mulch was spread over the beds and autumn leaves left to moulder where they fell. Several plants have taken advantage of the mild temperatures and moisture to put on growth.

I was feeling rather sorry for my canna lilly and bananas, which were struggling in the dry heat of the living room and took advantage of the deluge to move them outside where I hope they will be happier. J has been making me vandas for the indoor ferns. So far, both the kangaroo and squirrel foot seem to be doing better in their wooden boxes than they did in pots.


4 thoughts on “December Garden

    • It’s the same as in Nov 27 post. I was just wanting to cover recent developments for the purposes of record keeping and thought I’d try a different format. I find that what I want to write about and what I want to take pictures of are rarely the same. Do you usually start with words or pictures when composing your blog posts?


      • I think it’s symbiotic, I have a general idea of what I want to write about, I take or find pictures, and those then determine the thread. It’s true that some compromise is involved, I find myself cutting back on words so that there’s more visual flow. Six on Saturday is it’s own creature and being list-like is less creative but I enjoy the sense of community gardening that comes with SOS.

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