Six on Saturday

Joining the Propagator ( for another Six.

1. Irises dug up, replanted. These bearded irises were in a peculiar location, surviving rather than thriving, no doubt the remains of a previous resident’s garden vision. I dug them up, trimmed their leaves back, and replanted them in the verge garden to cover bare patches for the nonce. Not sure how well they’ll do in the gravel out there, but I have been surprised before.

Bearded irises, pictured here in their original location.

2. Fig, pruned. Removed dead, damaged, crossing, per instructions. Added to the list water sprouts and weak looking branches. Now I have a bundle of cuttings for propagation.

3. Bare root fruit plants, acquired. Raspberries, blackberries, currants to fill in gaps where some of last year’s underwatered plants perished.

4. Cactus, leaning. Why, and should I be concerned?

5. Seeds, sown. More vegetables and a few perennials to grow on in the mini greenhouse for spring, which seems fast approaching this time of year.

6. Succulents, propagated. Well, clipped for propagation and placement on the verge and at the foot of the fence.


9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. For the fig tree I would have removed the thin stems , keeping a maximum of 2 for them to grow. you will see next winter because thin ones won’t bear a lot of fruit. (moss and lichen to brush)

    I bury my irises less. They are 2/3 on the surface and 1/3 underground. Maybe add a little compost of decomposed leaves?
    Full of promises with your seedlings !

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  2. I learnt that some cacti grow leaves at varying angles as a way to protect themselves from the sun, not sure if that’s what is going on though. Spring does seem to be approaching fast, you seem well organised and ready for it. You’ll enjoy those great choices in fruit bushes am sure.

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