Six on Saturday

Joining the Propagator ( for another Six.

1. House plants.  Flowers on the euphorbia and new leaves on the rubber plant and philodendron. 

2. Willows.  3 stakes struck deep in the mud in areas that seem to be experiencing erosion.

3. Tree kale. Growing from cuttings.

4. Chollas.  Overwatered cuttings? A few rotted. Those remaining resist a tug, so I am hoping for the best.

5. Datisca cannabina.  We try again.  This time the seedlings will be kept in the mini greenhouse until they grow to a robust size, as this plant appears to be quite appetizing to our nocturnal friends.

6. Ocotillo and palo verde.  Ordered.  Arrived.  The ocotillo is in rather suspect condition – a shade or two past “bare root,” and the palo verde appears stressed by its journey.  We will hope for the best and pot today.


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