Six on Saturday: Spring Tasks

Joining the Propagator ( for another Six. This week I turn my attention to some of the many garden tasks that need to be addressed this spring.

1. Fertilizing the garden. Using an organic fertilizer purchased on sale 2 years ago (ripped bags). The stuff predictably got wet and is now both difficult to spread and quite foul-smelling. I plan to start with anything that looks in need of encouragement: my stunted banana and brussel sprouts leap to mind. May mix with water to create a slurry in order to facilitate application.

2. Mycorhizal application. Another past purchase, which may have expired. However, I am undeterred. The powder will be mixed with water, and the resulting tea will be used to water all trees and shrubs.

3. Edging. Two years ago I started off with good intentions and lined the sidewalk leading to our porch with bricks. They look good. They are neat and even (more or less). Subsequent efforts to line the less well delineated paths were less successful. An even width was not maintained, and the overall effect offends the eye. Now I must undertake to redo the crooked sections and edge the remaining established paths. The new paths, which are marked with sticks and other detritis, will have to wait.

4. Paths. This winter I have marked off a number of new paths. I eventually need to revise and finalize these, adding proper edging and covering them in wood chips (if I can get my hands on any).

5. Berry supports. The old posts from the rotten back fence removed last year were recycled in the berry patch. They need to be more firmly planted in the ground, and crossbars need to be added, along with eyescrews and wire in preparation for the growth that we hope will take place.

6. Repairing stone wall. There is a poorly constructed stone wall on the south side of the stream that needs mending. Significant cracks have appeared, and chucks of rock and mortar are missing.


8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Spring Tasks

  1. Paths make such a difference to a garden, they give it structure, are a good way to offset planting and stop you from treading on and compacting the soil – in other words, well worth the effort! I have never tried add any mycorrhizal in, how do you know which plants need it?

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