Six on Saturday: 7/9/22

Joining the Propagator for another Six.

Six pollinators and their chosen plants. This year, we are seeing an increase in quantity and variety of pollinators in comparison with years past. Particularly exciting has been the unprecedented number of swallowtail sightings. The maturation of the garden plants and the introduction of a large number of natives have likely contributed to the development of a more attractive habitat.

What is it about witnessing these interactions that is so rewarding? The garden seems more fully alive. The complex relationships between soil and plants and animals that make gardening so endlessly fascinating are manifest. I have the opportunity to share enjoyment of the same space with other organisms, and that sharing establishes a deeper empathetic connection. The garden educates my neighborhood about the delights of landscaping for wildlife, without pesticides or herbicides. Witnessing the increase in wildlife as the garden develops demonstrates the healing difference that each of us can make, even on a small scale.

Opuntia flower, with pollinator
Euphorbia, with pollinator
Gaillardia, with pollinator

Verbena bonariensis, with pollinator

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 7/9/22

  1. Interesting. we have more butterflies this year than last though not as many as 2018, a banner year. I am glad you are seeing Swallowtails, i have not seen many and still have parsley, which is unusual as they love it. We have green metallic bees here, though ours are from South American somewhere, called green orchid bees, they don’t look quite like yours and are very difficult to photograph – well done,

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