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Latest from the Blog

A Return

The drought persists and smoke from an ever-growing number of wildfires still muffles the sky and obliterates the mountains, turning the landscape unfamiliar, dimensionless. Watered religiously through the dry months, the garden nevertheless has a distrustful, withholding quality. New growth is slow and leaves blighted by the parching heat of July and August curl like … Continue reading A Return

Six on Saturday

1. Opuntia propagation. As this cactus appears to be thriving in its rusty planter and I am attempting to contain its branching somewhat in order to minimize the likelihood of uncomfortable collisions, I thought I would remove some pads for propagation. These have now been drying for a little over a week and will soon … Continue reading Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday

After a brief hiatus, I am joining the Propagator and his merry band of gardeners for another Six. I recently returned from a trip to visit J’s parents as well as his sister and her family in Indiana. While there, J and I set up a raised vegetable bed for his parents, and I planted … Continue reading Six on Saturday

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