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Six on Saturday: 7/9/22

Joining the Propagator for another Six. Six pollinators and their chosen plants. This year, we are seeing an increase in quantity and variety of pollinators in comparison with years past. Particularly exciting has been the unprecedented number of swallowtail sightings. The maturation of the garden plants and the introduction of a large number of natives … Continue reading Six on Saturday: 7/9/22


Six on Saturday 7/2/22

Joining the Propagator for another Six: 1. The back area has been cleared of weeds, and a new fence is going up. I have planted a wedge-shaped bed, primarily with native perennials, though a few exotic shrubs have been used to frame the area (see below). I will now be adding another layer of ornamental … Continue reading Six on Saturday 7/2/22

Six on Saturday 6/25/22

Joining the Propagator for another Six. This time it’s five problems in the garden that I have yet to diagnose and address effectively and one montage of plants that are looking particularly lovely at the moment. I would appreciate any help with identifying what’s going wrong and suggestions of organic measures that can be taken. … Continue reading Six on Saturday 6/25/22

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