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Six on Saturday

The Propagator, riding high and wielding his lasso, corrals a herd of enthusiastic gardeners for another Six. 1. Soaker hoses. Finally J assisted me in placing the miles of soaker hose that had been lying in a tangle for months. The previous arrangement was not efficient and it left many plants uncovered or at the … Continue reading Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday

Join the Propagator and his bumper crop of gardeners for another Six on Saturday. 1. Botany for Gardeners. I am working my way through this book. So far, it has evoked fond memories of high school biology textbook illustrations. Fewer practical lessons for the gardener have been derived, I’m afraid. But I do feel suitably … Continue reading Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday

Merry gardeners lay their picnic blankets under the inviting shade of the Propagator and share tasties from their baskets and tales of plants past, present, and future. 1. The seedlings. Several weeks ago, a tray was hopefully prepared, sown with 6 kinds of seeds – 5 newly acquired. The tray was duly placed under a … Continue reading Six on Saturday

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