Six on Saturday: March 26

Joining the Propagator for another Six.

Verbena canadensis Homestead Purple

Ceanothus Blue Jeans
Bergenia cordifolia
Arctostaphylos densiflora Howard McMinn
Chondropetalum elephantinum

Anisodontea Strybing Beauty


Six on Saturday: March 5th

Joining the Propagator ( for another Six.

1. Mason bees. Placed outside 2 days ago in their bamboo hollows.

2. Seeds. I have lots of them. Every winter I overbuy considering the room that I have to grow them in. This year, to get a handle on things, I’ve divided my collection into: (1) grow vs. not grow this year; (2) plant now vs. later; (3) sow indoors vs. outside. This has caused the problem of Too Many Seeds to appear more manageable.

3. Blooming trees and shrubs. So many, all at once. Like rhe product of a magic spell or of a spell’s losing its hold on the land (thinking of Lion, witch, wardrobe here). Like an arboreal consensus. Like a whole household coming awake.

4. Bulbs. Trying to pay more attention to bulbs. Muscari has emerged. Daffodil remains.

5. Perennials. Starting to resprout from the roots.

6. Greenhouse! Finally within view. Requested for Christmas and birthday. Longed for. Dreamed of. Greenhouse materials were offered by our lovely neighbor and building is (though not yet scheduled) tentatively planned. “She should learn to build her own greenhouse,” you mutter. No picture here, for obvious reasons.