Six on Saturday

Joining the Propagator and other gardeners around the world for another Six.

Cistus ladanifer – Crimson Spot Rockrose
Verbascum “Southern Charm”
Penstemon heterophyllus “Electric Blue”

Imperata cylindrica “Rubra”


12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    • I think that the lupines are doing well this year because we had a wet spring. They are a lot less happy in drought conditions, though I have a couple of native silver bush lupines that I believe will do better in the long, dry summers once established.

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  1. Lovely garden! Rock roses are a favorite of mine, although I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought they were all Cistus. Your photo caption brought to my attention that the pink rock rose is actually a Helianthemum. I have one too and didn’t know that! oops. 😉 Do you have gophers there too? If so, do they bother the Verbascum? -lisa

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