Six on Saturday 7/2/22

Joining the Propagator for another Six:

1. The back area has been cleared of weeds, and a new fence is going up. I have planted a wedge-shaped bed, primarily with native perennials, though a few exotic shrubs have been used to frame the area (see below). I will now be adding another layer of ornamental non-natives.

2. Stream bank continues to be shorn of knotweed on a monthly basis to ensure that the natives planted there are receiving enough light.

3. The verge continues to blossom, with California poppies and larkspur giving way to goldenrod and aster.

4. The unidentified opuntia grown from 2 pads picked up around the neighborhood (with permission) are blooming.

5. The chollas grown from cutting are starting to put out new growth.

6. And other lovelies. . .

Climbing penstemon (Keckiella cordifolia)
Redflower false yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 7/2/22

  1. Your prickly pear cactus is doing so well. Lovely yellow flowers. How did you propagate it and how long did it take to root? I tried propagating one and finally gave up, unsuccessfully. I bought a plant instead. 🙂 So considerate that you asked permission to have the pads. With all that is going on in the world, I find myself more appreciative than ever when I hear of people being kind and conscientious.

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